Choosing a data projector – help!

Hola a todos!

I’m a Spanish language teacher in Dublin. In the past year, I’ve committed myself to trying to improve my ICT skills with regard to teaching. This has involved setting up a blog Pancomido (means as easy as pie in Spanish) and a facebook page for the students in my school. It’s been working really well, but I want to bring the ICT into the classroom and I feel that what I really need is a data projector.

Now clearly, the school is not going to fund it as they have no money for that kind of thing and nobody in the school seems to have a clear idea of what’s a good projector or why. I’ve been doing some research on it and I’ve figured out some of the basics but I’m still at a loss as to which projector to buy. Given that I’ll be funding it myself, I’m really looking for value for money, though I realise it will probably be expensive enough.

I’m working off a Mac, which I know is a consideration for some projectors.

Any advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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  • kayamoto February 3rd 2011 at 1:28 pm   #     

    Dear Susan,
    I am Japanese advisor from PPLI and found your comment.

    I have a pocket projector by 3M.

    Mine is Mpro120 and not very bright (it cannot be used in a sunny room) but now better types are on market. It is very small and not expensive.
    I bought it from Amazon UK.

    I hope this might help.


    yuriko kayamoto

  • Susan Leahy February 7th 2011 at 10:08 pm   #     

    Hi Yuriko,

    Thanks for this! Good to hear some input. I am in a room which tends to get the sun quite a bit and I have no blinds and not much possibility of getting them put in. But interesting – I hadn’t realised you could get that kind of thing on Amazon!

    Thanks again

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