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Why Learn A New Language? Why Not!

Nowadays, in a time of globalisation, it is vital that we communicate correctly, that’s why learning new languages is so important. However, learning a language should not only encompass the monotonous repetition of hour-long grammar and syntax study sessions, but be a more natural approach to the socio- and cultural application in every day life, eg. In many work places nowadays, people will have to deal with international investors and colleagues, knowing how to speak and behave as to not upset or insult them unknowingly is a fantastic advantage.

Learning a new language not only enables you not only to speak in that language, but depending on the language at hand can also increase the eloquence and fluency of how you speak in other languages, eg. I have always found an interest in Latin and Greek  Pre- & Suffixes, now I know so many that with some specific words I can guess what it means because of the  Pre-& suffixes, without previously hearing the word before.

If you assume more languages and cultural aspects into yourself, you will become a less narrow-minded person, this will also make you a more socially acceptable person, as people who can speak more than one language are classified as more intelligent to people that only speak one language.

I myself am fluent in German and English, I also apart from the previous two, study French, Japanese and Irish and have found these to be great as references in many aspects of my life.

and because Languages are just so beautiful when spoken fluently!

Find out Where they speak what!

Click Below to see My video on Why you should learn more languages

Why learn more Languages? Why Not!

In case my Video doesn’t work, you can look at it on my YouTube page at

here are a few links I find interesting

and a quote or two

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” ~Nelson Mandela

“I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain.” ~Jane Wagner

“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I really hope I have convinced at least one person to learn a new language,

Thank you for reading my post.

P.S:  Sorry its a bit long, but I felt I couldn’t put it any shorter.



Ciao ragazzi! 🙂

Hello everyone!

I am soo sorry Im writing so late,but I’ve been so busy with school since its a start of 6th year.

Anyways I wanna share with you my whole experience in Italy.First of all,I would like to thank the judges again for picking me,and giving me the opportunity to go to Italy and study Italian language for whole two weeks!

The trip was absolutely AMAZING!  Ive enjoyed every minute of it. The people i have met while being there are friends that I will never forget. The atmosphere there was great,everyone was very friendly and the staff was so helpful and fun! I had a smile on my face for whole two weeks being there.

The hotel we stayed in was very nice and clean.The rooms were cleaned every day,which I though was big luxury! :) The staff was very helpful and friendly.The rooms were quite big had their own bathrooms and balcony (great thing to have) .The food was also very good,loots and loots of pasta. Im a fan of past so I was in heaven! :)

The classes of Italian that we had every day except Thursdays and Sundays were very helpful. I feel I have greatly improved my vocabulary in Italian as I was speaking lots of Italian with the Italian students there.I though it was excellent that there were Italian people too because we shared our language knowledge.I have benefited greatly in this trip.The teachers were very helpful and understanding.

I was suprised of how friendly and nice Italian people are! I mean I expected them to be nice,but walking down the street and having random people that pass by you and greet you…I felt great.Italian people are soo welcoming and friendly!

The area around was beautiful,the beach was literally 5 mins away from the hotel,there was lots of green,3 or 4 basketball,tennis and soccer pitches.The sea was clean and warm,and the weather was sooo hot! The town of Lignano was very nice especially in the evening!

I will never ever forget my trip to Italy!! I recommend to anyone,any age,any gender because anyone would enjoy it! Im hoping to go back next year and meet another bunch of great people.Once again thanks to the judges for giving me this great opportunity :)

Grazie, bacio! x

Message from judges to Italian Scholarship Applicants

Cari ragazzi, prima di tutto complimenti a tutti voi: siete stati bravissimi! Scegliere i due vincitori della borsa di studio è stato veramente difficile. Avete tutti dimostrato una forte motivazione e un grandissimo entusiasmo.

Come sapete i vincitori sono Branka Tvrda (Ratoath Community College) e Marian Ivanov (Larkin Community College). I criteri di cui abbiamo tenuto conto nel giudicare i candidati sono stati il livello di competenza linguistica raggiunto in rapporto al numero di anni di studio, la spontaneità nel parlare, la possibilità o meno o di passare un periodo in Italia in passato, il contenuto e la presentazione.

In generale la qualità dei vostri filmini e la naturalezza con cui state di fronte alla telecamera ci hanno colpito molto. È stato un piacere guardarvi e riguardarvi, e spesso abbiamo anche riso. Dovete essere orgogliosi di voi stessi!

Vi auguriamo il meglio per il futuro e speriamo di vedervi spesso sul blog. Avete molto da dare.

Italian scholarship entry

Questo é il mio filmino per la borsa di studio, spero che vi piace molto. Grazie per l? attenzione!

Saluti da Muireann

Italian scholarship entrata per il quinto anno.

Questa è la mia entrata per la borsa di studio italiano.
la ringrazio per questa opportunità.
baci, Fiona.

Italian Scholarship Entry.

Ciao a tutti!

Questo è la mia domanda per la borsa di studio italiano, spero vi piaccia. Grazie per guardando!

Italian scholarship application

Ciao, mi chiamo Karla e ho fatto un video per fare domanda per una borsa di studio per studiare in Italia questa estate. Eccola!

 Questa è la mia domanda di borsa di studio per Lignano:

 Non vedo l’ora di sentire da voi!
 Grazie per il vostro tempo!

Branka;Italian video competition.

Ciao tutti!

This is my video for the Italian competition for scholarship.Wish me best of luck and enjoy! :)

Thanks for your time watching.

Italian Scholarships for 5th years

The Post-Primary Languages Initiative in collaboration with EIL Ireland is delighted to announce two scholarships to attend an Italian course in Lignano during the summer of 2011, sponsored by the Post-Primary Languages Initiative. This will include flights, transfers, and accommodation. The scholarships are open to all 5th year students of Italian in Ireland.
Application Guidelines:
  • Make a video IN ITALIAN based on the concept of ‘the elevator pitch’ – this means you deliver your presentation in the time it takes to go up a few floors in a lift (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes)
  • At the beginning of your presentation give your name, age, nationality, name of school, and experience (or lack of) of going to Italy
  • In your presentation include why you think you should be chosen, what you would expect to get out of the experience, and how you think it would benefit you and your school in the future.
  • Upload your video on youtube
  • Post your video on this blog in the group for Italian students (you will need to register in order to post)

More information on the language camp can be found here

Form 6 students – thoughts on motivating yourselves

It’s tough to stay motivated during the last weeks before the exam, especially when you feel the relief of having finished your orals.

Have a look at this post – hopefully it’ll help you to keep focused on the exam!

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