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Ciao ragazzi! 馃檪

Hello everyone!

I am soo sorry Im writing so late,but I’ve been so busy with school since its a start of 6th year.

Anyways I wanna share with you my whole experience in Italy.First of all,I would like to thank the judges again for picking me,and giving me the opportunity to go to Italy and study Italian language for whole two weeks!

The trip was absolutely AMAZING!聽 Ive enjoyed every minute of it. The people i have met while being there are friends that I will never forget. The atmosphere there was great,everyone was very friendly and the staff was so helpful and fun! I had a smile on my face for whole two weeks being there.

The hotel we stayed in was very nice and clean.The rooms were cleaned every day,which I though was big luxury! :) The staff was very helpful and friendly.The rooms were quite big had their own bathrooms and balcony (great thing to have) .The food was also very good,loots and loots of pasta. Im a fan of past so I was in heaven! :)

The classes of Italian that we had every day except Thursdays and Sundays were very helpful. I feel I have greatly improved my vocabulary in Italian as I was speaking lots of Italian with the Italian students there.I though it was excellent that there were Italian people too because we shared our language knowledge.I have benefited greatly in this trip.The teachers were very helpful and understanding.

I was suprised of how friendly and nice Italian people are! I mean I expected them to be nice,but walking down the street and having random people that pass by you and greet you…I felt great.Italian people are soo welcoming and friendly!

The area around was beautiful,the beach was literally 5 mins away from the hotel,there was lots of green,3 or 4 basketball,tennis and soccer pitches.The sea was clean and warm,and the weather was sooo hot! The town of Lignano was very nice especially in the evening!

I will never ever forget my trip to Italy!! I recommend to anyone,any age,any gender because anyone would enjoy it! Im hoping to go back next year and meet another bunch of great people.Once again thanks to the judges for giving me this great opportunity :)

Grazie, bacio! x

Message from judges to Italian Scholarship Applicants

Cari ragazzi, prima di tutto complimenti a tutti voi: siete stati bravissimi! Scegliere i due vincitori della borsa di studio 猫 stato veramente difficile. Avete tutti dimostrato una forte motivazione e un grandissimo entusiasmo.

Come sapete i vincitori sono Branka Tvrda (Ratoath Community College) e Marian Ivanov (Larkin Community College). I criteri di cui abbiamo tenuto conto nel giudicare i candidati sono stati il livello di competenza linguistica raggiunto in rapporto al numero di anni di studio, la spontaneit脿 nel parlare, la possibilit脿 o meno o di passare un periodo in Italia in passato, il contenuto e la presentazione.

In generale la qualit脿 dei vostri filmini e la naturalezza con cui state di fronte alla telecamera ci hanno colpito molto. 脠 stato un piacere guardarvi e riguardarvi, e spesso abbiamo anche riso. Dovete essere orgogliosi di voi stessi!

Vi auguriamo il meglio per il futuro e speriamo di vedervi spesso sul blog. Avete molto da dare.

Italian Scholarships for 5th years

The Post-Primary Languages Initiative in collaboration with EIL Ireland is delighted to announce two scholarships to attend an Italian course in Lignano during the summer of 2011, sponsored by the Post-Primary Languages Initiative. This will include flights, transfers, and accommodation. The scholarships are open to all 5th year students of Italian in Ireland.
Application Guidelines:
  • Make a video IN ITALIAN based on the concept of ‘the elevator pitch’ – this means you deliver your presentation in the time it takes to go up a few floors in a lift (between 30 seconds and 2 minutes)
  • At the beginning of your presentation give your name, age, nationality, name of school, and experience (or lack of) of going to Italy
  • In your presentation include why you think you should be chosen, what you would expect to get out of the experience, and how you think it would benefit you and your school in the future.
  • Upload your video on youtube
  • Post your video on this blog in the group for Italian students (you will need to register in order to post)

More information on the language camp can be found here

Please complete a quick questionnaire about target language use in the classroom!

Dear Teachers,

I am trainee Spanish Teacher at UL, completing a final year research project about Teacher?s perceptions about target language use in the classroom.

It would really help me if you would kindly complete a survey which you can access through this link;

It won?t take long (about 10 minutes!) and is completely anonymous.

Thanks in advance,

R贸is铆n Donohoe

All you need to know about ICT conference

If you could travel to the UK, and are interested in using more ICT in the classroom ICT Links into Languages weekend event will showcase all you need to know about ICT in the MFL classroom.

Whether you want to find out how to use blogs and wikis to trying out digital voice recorders, you?ll be inspired to try something new! A range of speakers will demonstrate tried and tested models for different skill levels. You don?t have to be an expert in ICT to attend.

It’s on a Saturday and Sunday so would be possible to make it even if you have to work Friday and Monday… there are direct flights from Dublin to Southampton.

For lots more info click here

Why more Irish students should be studying Italian!

  • Italian is a significant language. There is a tendency to see Italian as a language you learn for fun ? ask people who speak a few languages why they learned Italian? they?ll tell you how much fun it is, how beautiful the language is, you?ll hear about the art and the fashion and the opera? then there are the Italians who will tell us it came before French and being the closest language to Latin makes it superior, that back in the Middle Ages anyone who was educated had to be able to speak Italian? these are potentially all legitimate reasons for learning Italian but there are other reasons why we need to be offering more Italian.
  • Italy is the 4th largest economy in Europe, it has the same economic output as France or the UK.聽 If you look at trade figures for the first 6 months of this year on the cso website, the value of exports from Ireland to Italy was 1,631 million euro, that?s more than the value of exports to China, it?s half the value of exports to Germany, it?s 2/3 the value of exports to France. Even if you group together all the Francophone countries (ignoring the fact that Italian is also spoken in parts of Switzerland), the value of exports to Italy is still 10% of the combined value of those. Italy is also the 3rd largest importer of Irish beef.
  • The number of native speakers of Italian is not far behind the number of native speakers of French ? it?s estimated that there are about 68 million native speakers of French but there are 62 million of Italian and there are large communities of Italian speakers across the world. For example, 1.5 million in Brazil, another 1.5 million in Argentina, 1 million in the US, another million between Canada and the UK.
  • There are plenty of well-qualified teachers in Ireland because we have well-developed third level provision, with appropriate avenues for teacher qualification.
  • We have excellent resources and materials for teaching Italian including the new textbook In bocca al lupo! for Senior Cycle, Giro d’Italia for Junior Cycle, and resources available online at
  • In the Leaving Certificate examinations in 2010, there was one candidate of Italian for every 87 candidates of French which is an imbalance, not only in the context of encouraging linguistic diversity, and championing plurilingualism, but also in terms of the economic importance of Italy to Ireland.聽 Historically, French has been important for many reasons but at a conservative estimate a more realistic balance should be in the order of 10 students of French for every student of Italian.聽 This would no doubt result in an increase in opportunities for trade and exchange with Italy.

Some good examples of blogs in languages education

The following blog examples provide practical examples of the kind of things that you could start doing with your students.

Royds Languages Department have a good example of a blog featuring lots of student work.

Chiltern Edge MFL department are a great example of a blog with lots of integrated interactive stuff and you can see examples of the kinds of tasks teachers are giving their students and the work they get back.

Marie-France Perkins’ blog is called Sans Probl猫me (UK). Regularly updated, very varied with lots of student work.

Enjoy! And remember if you want to use the blog just to communicate with your own students just put protect your posts with a password which only your students will have.

Change your awful avatar!

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In bocca al lupo!

karen posted an update in the group Italian ? For Teachers: 聽 3 weeks, 6 days ago 路 ViewDelete

At last, a new and complete resource for Italian at senior cycle! We are due to launch a wonderful new Italian textbook, In bocca al lupo!, in early November 2010. This book has been a collaborative project between Authentik The Department of Education and Skills? Post-Primary Languages Initiative, and provides relevant content, exercises and activities targeted at developing the 4 skills in Italian for intermediate to advanced level, perfect to take students of Italian through the complete senior cycle.

The printed book and accompanying CD will be available from November 2010 but you can start using it in your classes now as the first three units, along with the accompanying Teachers Notes, are available free of charge to download from our website Please note that these units may differ slightly from the final printed version, as Authentik are currently in the final stages of editing for printing.

The book has already been piloted in a range of senior cycle classes with excellent feedback from both teachers and students.

The book will be priced at ?38.00 and is a perfect resource to cover the full senior cycle, European Framework Levels B1-B2.

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