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Please complete a quick questionnaire about target language use in the classroom! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/J8YC9LK

Dear Teachers,

I am trainee Spanish Teacher at UL, completing a final year research project about Teacher’s perceptions about target language use in the classroom.

It would really help me if you would kindly complete a survey which you can access through this link;


It won’t take long (about 10 minutes!) and is completely anonymous.

Thanks in advance,

Róisín Donohoe


The 2nd Cork Japanese Speech Contest Photos




LC Japanese Oral Section 3

Hi, everyone.

I’ll write this in English because I want to pass around this massage to everyone.

About the pictures in Oral section 3.

Did anyone find the actual pictures of last year’s paper?

I got info from students so I kind of know what were the pictures like,

however, I still can’t find where the resources are from or I can’t see the actual photos.

I’ll be great if we can share the info and pictures on this blog coming up to the exams.

I heard some students knew and had seen the pictures BEFORE the exam started in previous years.

It’ll be handy if students can see the pictures before hand or bring them to the exam like other subjects.

Japanese for LC is for complete beginners (even not half of the beginners Japanese) and

I think it’s too much to ask for describing and compare the pictures they have never seen.

Also, if some students can get the info before hand (somehow lucky enough),

why not for all the students?

Also, students who are doing the oral exam 2nd week get more benefit than 1st week,

since students have many quicker information tools to spread around.

So,  I wonder, will I try my students bring their own photos and say

“May I talk about this?” in the exam.

or does it say somewhere “students are not allowed to bring their own photos”?

The important thing is “communication”, isn’t it?

I’d like to hear of your views.






All you need to know about ICT conference

If you could travel to the UK, and are interested in using more ICT in the classroom ICT Links into Languages weekend event will showcase all you need to know about ICT in the MFL classroom.

Whether you want to find out how to use blogs and wikis to trying out digital voice recorders, you’ll be inspired to try something new! A range of speakers will demonstrate tried and tested models for different skill levels. You don’t have to be an expert in ICT to attend.

It’s on a Saturday and Sunday so would be possible to make it even if you have to work Friday and Monday… there are direct flights from Dublin to Southampton.

For lots more info click here

Great new website for students of Japanese

New website Discover Japanese Studies – Great interviews with students of Japanese on what it’s like to learn Japanese, students performing sketches in Japanese, and the challenges and rewards of learning Japanese – click here to enter. There are also interviews with graduates of Japanese about what they did with their Japanese in terms of their careers.

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