Thoughts on the Spanish essay/opinion piece/link question

A few thoughts/suggestions for planning and writing a good essay in the exam.

Form 6 students – thoughts on motivating yourselves

It’s tough to stay motivated during the last weeks before the exam, especially when you feel the relief of having finished your orals. Have a look at this post – hopefully it’ll help you to keep focused on the exam!

The oral exam

Might be of interest to students of Spanish (or any language – it’s in English!) – a quick post with a few thoughts on the oral exam.

Where to go on the internet, with thanks to Alex Blagona

Thanks to Alex Blagona who has kindly let me use his talk The A-Z of internet – presented at ICT Links into Languages February 12th, 2011 – as a springboard for this and my next few posts. The presentation pointed me in a few good directions! Blogging: there are all kinds of blogging software on the […]

Inspiration from England!

Last month, I attended the Links into Language conference in Southampton University on integrating ICT into Modern Foreign Language Teaching. The conference was inspirational. Despite similarly dispiriting cuts and attacks on education and educators in England, there is a group of highly motivated teachers teaching others about ICT in MFL teaching and offering huge online […]

Choosing a data projector – help!

Hola a todos! I’m a Spanish language teacher in Dublin. In the past year, I’ve committed myself to trying to improve my ICT skills with regard to teaching. This has involved setting up a blog Pancomido (means as easy as pie in Spanish) and a facebook page for the students in my school. It’s been working […]