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Spanish website!

I was surfing the net, as one does, and I came across an interesting website.

The site provides free podcasts at beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Along with each podcast, you can also download a worksheet. I thought it wouldn’t only help for listening but, to some extent, help for the oral as well. Some of the podcasts are quite entertaining. 
There’s some other stuff on the site that I didn’t look at as yet. I hope this helps somebody! =D

Why Learn A New Language? Why Not!

Nowadays, in a time of globalisation, it is vital that we communicate correctly, that’s why learning new languages is so important. However, learning a language should not only encompass the monotonous repetition of hour-long grammar and syntax study sessions, but be a more natural approach to the socio- and cultural application in every day life, eg. In many work places nowadays, people will have to deal with international investors and colleagues, knowing how to speak and behave as to not upset or insult them unknowingly is a fantastic advantage.

Learning a new language not only enables you not only to speak in that language, but depending on the language at hand can also increase the eloquence and fluency of how you speak in other languages, eg. I have always found an interest in Latin and Greek  Pre- & Suffixes, now I know so many that with some specific words I can guess what it means because of the  Pre-& suffixes, without previously hearing the word before.

If you assume more languages and cultural aspects into yourself, you will become a less narrow-minded person, this will also make you a more socially acceptable person, as people who can speak more than one language are classified as more intelligent to people that only speak one language.

I myself am fluent in German and English, I also apart from the previous two, study French, Japanese and Irish and have found these to be great as references in many aspects of my life.

and because Languages are just so beautiful when spoken fluently!

Find out Where they speak what!

Click Below to see My video on Why you should learn more languages

Why learn more Languages? Why Not!

In case my Video doesn’t work, you can look at it on my YouTube page at

here are a few links I find interesting

and a quote or two

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” ~Nelson Mandela

“I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain.” ~Jane Wagner

“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I really hope I have convinced at least one person to learn a new language,

Thank you for reading my post.

P.S:  Sorry its a bit long, but I felt I couldn’t put it any shorter.



Some sample essay

Just to point students of Spanish in the direction of this page on my blog, which has a number of sample essays and tips for essays, and will continue to be updated through the year.


Well, What to say… I won first place in the 5th year Spanish scholarship competition and spent some time in Valencia in the east of Spain, on the coast I should add. I studied in one of the “Donquijote” Enfocamp schools in Valencia. This was one of the most valuable experiences in my life. The whole trip was amazing, the food, the people, the classes, the culture and most of all the Spanish language. This opportunity that the Irish Post Primary Languages Initiative gave me along with the Spanish Tourist Board, the Spanish Embassy, and the Valencia Tourism Board was a one in a lifetime. It was my first time in Spain and the one I will remember for the rest of my life. I have attached some photos of me and some of the people I met, the place and the classes. Just to give you an idea of how enjoyable it was I am very appreciative for all this and for those of you who don’t really like english;

Pues, qué puedo decir… Gané el primer premio del Concurso Escolar Sobre Video para estudiantes de Español de quinto grado. Pasé algún tiempo en un “Donquijote” Enfocamp en Valencia en la costa de España. Fue unas de las experiencias más valiosas de mi vida. Todo el viaje fue increíble o sea la comida, la gente, las clases, la cultura y más importante la lengua Español. La oportunidad que el “Post Primary Languages Initiative” con el Consejo de Turismo en Dublin, la Embajada de Español en Dublin y el Consejo de Turismo en Valencia ma ha dado fue una experiencia mágica. Estuve en España para mi primera vez y nunca  voy a olvidar. Hay unas fotos con este mensaje de las clases, la gente y la ciudad. Os agradezco muchísimo.

Yours sincerely,

La saluda atentamenta,

Harvey Fitzgibbon.

Working on the synonym section for the Spanish Leaving Cert

This post (aimed mostly at students) deals with the synonym section in the Spanish Leaving Cert comprehension section.

Announcing the winners of the 5th year Spanish scholarships!

Tras una difícil deliberación del jurado, os anunciamos que  los ganadores de la beca 5º Curso de Español son: Harvey Fitzgibbon de Ashton Comprehensive en Cork, y Jana Hokszová de Colaiste Einde en Galway. Nos gustaría agradecer a la Consejería de Educación su colaboración en el concurso, así como a los patrocinadores: Oficina de Turismo de España en Dublín, Turismo de la Ciudad de Valencia y la Asociación de Escuelas de Español en la Comunidad Valenciana (AMEELE). Los criterios tenidos en cuenta a la hora de juzgar a los concursantes han sido la presentación, el nivel de competencia lingüística conseguido en relación al periodo de estudios y las oportunidades previas, o la falta de las mismas, para que el estudiante viajara a España. El jurado ha quedado gratamente impresionado por la calidad de las presentaciones y la espontaneidad de los participantes ante la cámara. Enhorabuena a todos. Ha sido un placer ver vuestros videos y os deseamos lo mejor en vuestros estudios. ¡Seguid contribuyendo al blog! Es una experiencia de crecimiento para todos y de cooperación en el estudio de la lengua española.
Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and your fabulous postings.

Video para beca

Hola me llamo Nicolas Gellon y este es mi video para la veca
Espero que no este mui tarde
muchas gracias

Mi vídeo para la beca – Jack Carolan

Hola me llamo Jack Carolan. Assisto a St. Peter’s College en Dunboyne, Co. Meath

Esta es mi solicitud para la beca para Valencia:

Lo siento por mi voz, estoy constipado y tengo una tos.

Espero que no estoy demasiado tarde.

Espero con interés escuchar de ustedes!
Gracias por su tiempo! :)

La Aplicación De Vídeo Para La Beca Español – Oisín O’Brien

¡Hola a todos!

Mi nombre es Oisín O’Brien y soy un estudiante en Catholic University School (C.U.S) en Dublin 2.

Esta es mi aplicación de vídeo para la beca español. Estoy justo a tiempo, ¿no?

¡Espero que no tomé la idea de “The Elevator Pitch” demasiado en serio!

Decidí incluir algunas meteduras de pata extra que se registraron durante la producción del video … ¿Por qué no!? Espero que os guste…
Buena suerte a todos los que se aplica! Los videos son muy buenos!

Mi correo electrónico es oisin.ob @

Mi video para la beca!

¡Me encantaria ir de espana, por favor buscarme! Este es mi video, epero que los gustan.

Un abrazo, Robyn

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