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Transition Year Resources

Any Spanish Transition Year books planned for the near future?

Some sample essay

Just to point students of Spanish in the direction of this page on my blog, which has a number of sample essays and tips for essays, and will continue to be updated through the year.

Your comments, ideas, and resources. Competition for teachers of Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish!

Go to, apply for login, and upload teaching or learning ideas and resources.

Comment in any language on the blog entries here for the other competition ‘Why learn more languages?’

Prizes will be awarded on the basis of a lottery (24th November), your name will go in to the draw each time you comment on the blog or upload to the Resources section of our website.

First prize is an iPAD2, second and third prizes are iTunes vouchers.

Working on the synonym section for the Spanish Leaving Cert

This post (aimed mostly at students) deals with the synonym section in the Spanish Leaving Cert comprehension section.

Announcing the winners of the 5th year Spanish scholarships!

Tras una difícil deliberación del jurado, os anunciamos que  los ganadores de la beca 5º Curso de Español son: Harvey Fitzgibbon de Ashton Comprehensive en Cork, y Jana Hokszová de Colaiste Einde en Galway. Nos gustaría agradecer a la Consejería de Educación su colaboración en el concurso, así como a los patrocinadores: Oficina de Turismo de España en Dublín, Turismo de la Ciudad de Valencia y la Asociación de Escuelas de Español en la Comunidad Valenciana (AMEELE). Los criterios tenidos en cuenta a la hora de juzgar a los concursantes han sido la presentación, el nivel de competencia lingüística conseguido en relación al periodo de estudios y las oportunidades previas, o la falta de las mismas, para que el estudiante viajara a España. El jurado ha quedado gratamente impresionado por la calidad de las presentaciones y la espontaneidad de los participantes ante la cámara. Enhorabuena a todos. Ha sido un placer ver vuestros videos y os deseamos lo mejor en vuestros estudios. ¡Seguid contribuyendo al blog! Es una experiencia de crecimiento para todos y de cooperación en el estudio de la lengua española.
Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and your fabulous postings.

Thoughts on the Spanish essay/opinion piece/link question

Alice: And how many hours a day did you do lessons? The Mock Turtle: Ten hours the first day, nine the next, and so on. Alice: What a curious plan! The Gryphon: That's the reason they're called lessons, because they lessen from day to day.

A few thoughts/suggestions for planning and writing a good essay in the exam.

The oral exam

Might be of interest to students of Spanish (or any language – it’s in English!) – a quick post with a few thoughts on the oral exam.


Adjetivos para describir

Please complete a quick questionnaire about target language use in the classroom!

Dear Teachers,

I am trainee Spanish Teacher at UL, completing a final year research project about Teacher?s perceptions about target language use in the classroom.

It would really help me if you would kindly complete a survey which you can access through this link;

It won?t take long (about 10 minutes!) and is completely anonymous.

Thanks in advance,

Róisín Donohoe

Choosing a data projector – help!

Hola a todos!

I’m a Spanish language teacher in Dublin. In the past year, I’ve committed myself to trying to improve my ICT skills with regard to teaching. This has involved setting up a blog Pancomido (means as easy as pie in Spanish) and a facebook page for the students in my school. It’s been working really well, but I want to bring the ICT into the classroom and I feel that what I really need is a data projector.

Now clearly, the school is not going to fund it as they have no money for that kind of thing and nobody in the school seems to have a clear idea of what’s a good projector or why. I’ve been doing some research on it and I’ve figured out some of the basics but I’m still at a loss as to which projector to buy. Given that I’ll be funding it myself, I’m really looking for value for money, though I realise it will probably be expensive enough.

I’m working off a Mac, which I know is a consideration for some projectors.

Any advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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