Why learn a new language?

Dia Duit!

Conas atá tú? Adam is ainm dom and if you don’t speak Gaeilge a lot of that won’t make sense.

 Why learn a new language? Well, whether you’re into Shakespere or Smoke signals,Swahili or Dutch languages connect us,they are the basis of our daily lives,to give us the ability to communicate essential and well not quite essential messages to our fellow people.

  In a world brimming with cultures,heritages and languages the persuit of knowledge has never been easier. Beliefs of ancient civilisations,ancient incantations and the best pie recipes have been uncovered using solely the word of mouth,passed down by generations and picked up by eager ears.

 Languages are something that will always be in this world,some more prominant than others,for example,more people are learning English in China then there is people in England. Taken into consideration that’s immense! Imagine,almost opposite ends of the world being able to communicate and converse freely,no longer bound by the language barrier.

 Language is a passionate subject and with each new language learnt you find thousands,if not even millions of language afficiandos ready for a chat. In simple terms,the more languages you learn, the further the world will open itself to you. The more life is open to you the greater adventure it will become,for further oppurtunitys to be reached for,the chances to learn growing and broadening with every mind melting line of grammer you learnt off. It opens the locked doors of conversation.

And that’s my arguement. Thank you for your time.

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  • Judge 1 November 30th 2011 at 10:50 am   #     

    Yes, Adam, the world is too big not to try and explore it, and language is so instrumental in unlocking it. And indeed grammar is only one aspect of language, and it shouldn’t take away from the sheer pleasure of using language for meaningful purposes in so many different contexts.

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