Why learn more languages?

Why learn more language? Well I for one find any language interesting from Greek to Thai. Even though I find some wired i’m still interested. Deux Je pense que l’apprentissage des langues sont amusants au même moment.당신은 언어를 배울 수있는 천재가 될 필요는 없습니다 if you love the language it’s not too late to learn.ako […]

Why learn more languages?

Why learn more languages? There’s no denying that languages are useful, for more serious reasons like improving trade, economy, global relations etc, etc. But the primary reason that most people choose to learn languages is because they’re fun! By taking on a new language, you open yourself up to an entirely different world. Take Japanese […]

Why learn more languages?

Though we don’t think about it a lot language is a huge part of daily life. Without it communication, very much the center of our society and civilization, would be near impossible. The way we have structured our lives and the society around us we rely on our ability to communicate and work together to […]

Why Learn More Languages?

"语言",是一个国家的象征,也是人类表达自己的一种方式。"语言",这两个字,每个人都对它有不同的看法与意见。有些人会说:"学习新的语言一点趣也没有,又难,又浪费我的时间。"有些人则会说:"语言是其中一个神创造出来最微妙的东西。学的多少,就学多少!"我从小在一个多元种族里的国家ー马来西亚长大。从幼稚园就开始了我学习三种语言的旅程,那就是我国的马来语、国际化的英语、以及二十一世纪最重要的语文之一,华语。 我们到底为什么要学习那么多种语言呢?第一,语言是我们人类沟通的方式。一年里,有多少人到世界各地旅行或深造呢?正所谓入乡随俗。到了哪里,就要说那个国家的话。若是懂得那里的语言,无论是买东西或问路,都不会比手划脚,也没有什么障碍了。那不管是旅行或深造,我们都不必懊恼要去到什么地方去了。 现在的我们,每时每刻都与世界竞争着。我们人类的世界就如动物王国,只有最强的才能生存下来。语言,不知不觉也成为了其中的一个竞争点。一般来说,公司都会请高学历的人多。如果我们懂的语言比一般人多,那应征时就有占优势。所以说,学习多种语言,是有利无弊的。它不但能提高工作机率,同时也让我们成为强手中的强手,在这充满竞争的世界里生存下来。 所谓:"有志者事竟成",只要有恒心想把语文学好,这一点也不难。学习新的语言就如认识一个新朋友。必须要时间与耐心来慢慢了解而揭开它的心。如今,我已经掌握了英语、华语、马来语、韩语、日语、以及奥语。现在,我可以轻松地与一些外国的网友交谈,不再觉得因为语言的差别而觉得尴尬。此外,我再也不需要依靠字幕来观看我最爱的电视节目,比起以前来说方便多了。语文对社会上的每一个人来说都非常的重要,学得多,好处自然不少。咱们一块儿学各国的语言吧!

Why learn more languages?

Languages are the key to the world, and they open up doors of freedom and peace. Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression”, but how can you express yourself abroad without the assistance of languages? They create a global connection of […]

Why learn more languages?

Dicen que los nuevos idiomas, las ciencias y cada extraño y distinto compartimento que añadimos a nuestro gran cajón del conocimiento se deben a una preparación para el futuro, una educación que creemos es imprescindible. Sin embargo, doy más que por hecho que nos movemos por instintos. Actuamos para responder a un estímulo recibido, ponemos […]

Why learn more languages? Для чего учить разные языки? 🙂

The more languages you know, the  more of person you are. ♦ ♦ ♦ Это мое видео Why learn more languages? Для чего учить разные языки? или по ссылке http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vFWh1tadog ♦ ♦ ♦ Прошу прощения за качество, делала все, что могла Для чего учить разные языки? Ответов на этот вопрос очень много — чтоб ты […]

Why Learn A New Language? Why Not!

Nowadays, in a time of globalisation, it is vital that we communicate correctly, that’s why learning new languages is so important. However, learning a language should not only encompass the monotonous repetition of hour-long grammar and syntax study sessions, but be a more natural approach to the socio- and cultural application in every day life, eg. In […]

Why learn more languages?

I think people should learn more languages because it helps you in life. If you learn languages you can travel and expand your knowlage of life. Learning languages makes it possiable to be sure you can get a job in the current ression today in Ireland. It is in these times you need that bit […]

Why Learn More Languages

Hay muchas ventajas de habla las idiomas. Tiene mas oportunidades. se puede ir a paises diferentes es necesita saber el idioma no se puede vivir y trabajar en otros paises. Hacer conexiones con gente de paises diferentes y hacer amigos cuando sabe mas idiomas. los idiomas son muy importantes para abrirse nuevos horizontes y desarollar […]