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The moment you have all been waiting for!

The reason there has been such a delay is because it has been SO very difficult to choose the winners. The judges had a shortlist of 8 or 9 entries and agonised over them. We all looked at them and discussed them many times. Everyone enjoyed reading your posts and so many of you had so many interesting and valuable things to say as well as having made a great effort to enrich your posts with media to make them more interesting and accessible.

Unfortunately there can only be three winners in the competition but you are all winners if you keep up your study and enthusiasm for foreign language learning. We are really grateful for all the entries and are looking forward to using them to help convince other students of the value of learning foreign languages. So WELL DONE! To ALL of you!

These are the winners:

1st prize went to Meg of St Joseph of Cluny, primarily for the content and clarity of her argument as well as her care in choosing relevant illustrations.  Click here to see her entry.

2nd prize went to Simon of Villier’s School in Limerick, primarily for the simple yet powerful video he made as well as for his useful research.  Click here to see his entry.

3rd prize went to AlbaFernandez of St Peter’s College Dunboyne for the originality and imagination of his entry which you can see here

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Why more languages?

Presentation from students in Mercy Secondary School, Mounthawk, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Why more languages?

Why more languages

This was sent in by Mercy Secondary School,  Mounthawk, Tralee

Why more languages?

This came in from Sarah Fitzpatrick.

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Why more languages?

This came in from Megan Smith.

Megan Smith Entry

Why more languages?

This came in from Ana Maria Todirascu.

Languages are our passport to interacting with people. They help you communicate effectively with strangers with whom you come in contact whether you’re at work or on vacation. Languages are used in all areas, they bring people closer , connect continents, link countries, interwine cultures and civilizations.

Without knowledge and use of language there would not be political alliances, diplomatic moves or international relations.

The English language is the most powerful language spoken globaly by people. In other words if you do not know English it is much harder to get a job and communicate with other people.

Apart from English, French , German and Italian are among the most popular foreign languages.

Learning a language is a strenght , it leads to a more developed intellect and you can easily apply for a job abroad.

It is amazing the opportunities we can get if we know more languages , for example

working as an ambassador for the government or public relation are two examples.

Languages dont just give us the opportunity to have better jobs but it is the credit we get after putting the hard work in learning a language and the enjoyment we get .

It is good to know a language to have tight relationships with other people in other countries , even people who visit our country. As long as a human being lives it is never  too late or too early to learn a new language. When visiting another country this includes meeting people , conversing with them and understanding their culture.

Why more languages? Entries from Glenamaddy Community School

hanks for these powerpoint presentations from TY students in Glenamaddy which were submitted by email. Enjoy!

Becky, Anna and Nicole

Thomas and Theresa

Pat and Anthony

Conar and Caitriona

Why I learn more languages

You should learn more languages because you can communicate with people from other countries it can help a lot if you can speak their language. It is also good for college and for general knowledge. There are many languages to learn that are quite easy to adapt to. Just put a bit of effort in and you will learn with ease.

why learn more languages ?

you should learn more languages because it helps you get to know more people and if you want to communicate with people on holidays it helps alot if you speak their language . it also is good for you to know languages. their are lots of languages out there so just learn them :)

Why Learn More Languages

It is important if you are travelling to a foreign country that you know some of the language that they speak. If you are looking for something in a shop or for somewhere to eat on holiday you would find it helpful to know the language. If you get a job dealing with foreign affairs it would be much easier to do it if you learn the language at an early age. If you go to live or work in a foreign country you wouldn’t get a job if you could not speak the language well. This is why I think you should learn more languages.

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