Why more languages?

This came in from Ana Maria Todirascu.

Languages are our passport to interacting with people. They help you communicate effectively with strangers with whom you come in contact whether you’re at work or on vacation. Languages are used in all areas, they bring people closer , connect continents, link countries, interwine cultures and civilizations.

Without knowledge and use of language there would not be political alliances, diplomatic moves or international relations.

The English language is the most powerful language spoken globaly by people. In other words if you do not know English it is much harder to get a job and communicate with other people.

Apart from English, French , German and Italian are among the most popular foreign languages.

Learning a language is a strenght , it leads to a more developed intellect and you can easily apply for a job abroad.

It is amazing the opportunities we can get if we know more languages , for example

working as an ambassador for the government or public relation are two examples.

Languages dont just give us the opportunity to have better jobs but it is the credit we get after putting the hard work in learning a language and the enjoyment we get .

It is good to know a language to have tight relationships with other people in other countries , even people who visit our country. As long as a human being lives it is never  too late or too early to learn a new language. When visiting another country this includes meeting people , conversing with them and understanding their culture.

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